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Manufacturing Excellence

Our Technical Director knows a thing or two about manufacturing as a comprehensively trained engineer he is able to turn his hand to every job in the in the manufacturing process.

As fully experienced design engineer he uses SolidWorks 3D CAD software to develop all our products. The same 3D models are easily manipulated to create the geometry for punching or laser cutting. Operating a punching machine or using a press brake are skills he has picked up when working on site although he prefers to leave this to the apprentice engineer. Turning parts on a lathe, assembly, wiring and electrical safety testing are just everyday tasks he undertakes.

Having these skills and knowledge allows him to develop new products quickly and easily from start to finish. It provides him the opportunity to further improve the design and manufacturability of the products which all leads to better quality, faster production and low manufacturing costs.

Professional Heavy Industry Engineer Works on Computer Uses CAD Software with Integrated d

CAD/CAM Station

The latest CAD/CAM software provides everything the designer needs to create and manipulate 3D models enabling programming of CNC equipment and to produce bill of materials.

operator bending metal sheet by sheet be

CNC Press Brake 

The CNC bending machines allow operators to fold each bend in sequence and place down a finished part complete with all the bends accurately made.

Close-up of the TV assembly worker at th

Fully Equipped Assembly Cells

Fully equipment manufacturing cells provide everything needed for electromechanical assembly.

Tech fixes motherboard in service center

Electrical Test and Inspection

Comprehensive electrical testing stations along with fully trained inspectors ensure every part is 100% quality assured.

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