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NPD (New Product Development)

Our business goal is to provide the best customer experience by developing the best performing insect control products that are reliable, easy to use, safe and affordable. We focus on innovation through research and development experience from different sectors of industry including food production, pharmaceuticals, LED and display technology, fast moving retail products, laboratory and product inspection. All backed up by 30 years of experience designing insect and pest control equipment.

Our vision for new product development includes innovation and product enhancements, but high on our agenda is sustainability and the effects on the environment.

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For decades Entomology has provided a vast amount of information to facilitate the product development of flying insect control systems. Use of light as a form of attraction is the most well known, but there are many more parts of this science still to be exploited and be developed into commercial available practical solutions. Entomology will be the foundation of our products of the future.

Image by Timothy Dykes

Enhancements in Lighting Technology

With the ever changing position of fluorescent lamps in the lighting industry and the major shift towards LED lighting we continue to research better lighting products. With links to many research centres we focus on future innovations in lighting technologies.

Colloidal quantum dots in quartz tubes e


We are already looking at innovation with our Industry 4.0 initiative and work within the lighting industry, however, innovation must still be at the forefront of our product development. We continue to research:

  • Different forms of attraction

  • Alternative ways to kill or trap 

  • Easier servicing

  • Models for special and unique locations

  • Targeting hard to kill species



Our sustainable design initiative is the approach to creating products  that consider the impact on environmental, social, and economic factors from the initial phase through to the end of life. It takes into account:

  • Materials

  • Processes

  • Delivery

  • Installation

  • Operation

  • Decommissioning

  • Recycling

Image by Nick Fewings

Our Industry 4.0 iniviative is to develop products that are more integrated with your business. We aim to bring you Industry 4.0 developments such as:

  • Indication that the product has developed a fault

  • Reminders to order glue boards

  • Reminders that glue boards require changing

  • Reminders to order replacement lamps

  • Reminders that lamps need changing

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Industry 4.0

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