Working closely with consultant physicist Dennis Forder (Part of Simon Engineering Research and Development Team) with whom we still maintained a close working relationship, I gained great insight in electric fly killer design. There is more to designing a great electric fly killer than just sticking an UV light in a box with high voltage girds. Whilst David played a key part in my development as a design engineer, Dennis was another colleague who helped me gain technical and product safety knowledge.  This enabled me to represent the BPCA in an advisory capacity on the British Standards Technical Committees TC61 and CPL61 to develop and maintain BS EN IEC 60335 series of product standards and in particularly BS EN IEC 60335-2-59 safety of electric insect killers for household and similar purposes.

Working closely with the company's entomologists we continuously researched and looked for developments that could be introduced to improve many different aspects to fly killer design. We bred flies of various species in an insectary and ran fly room tests and field trials to evaluate all sorts of different ideas, designs and other fly killer models.

About Us

When I told a friend I was starting this company they said why not Fly Killers are in your DNA. With a history that dates back to the 80's and the original Simon Engineering Insect-O-Cutor, this is where my journey began as an apprentice engineer. Under the leadership of Jack Rawsthorne (JR to his friends and colleagues) I quickly established myself as an important member of a close-knit team by introducing the quality assurance procedures conforming to BS 5750 now known as (ISO 9001).


Under stewardship of David Hutcheson and Mark Rawsthorne I moved into the research and development department and began my career as a design engineering using AutoCAD. Working on new Insect-O-Cutor designs I developed the Contractor Series, Commercial Series, Professional Series and Industrial Series models.

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With the introduction of 3D CAD in the mid 1990's we were onboard early by purchasing SolidWorks and started designing new products in 3D and I assumed the role of Technical Manager. Working closely with well known machine tool manufactures we  took advantage of new design and manufacturing technology to design new models including the Focus series, Select series, Uplighter, Hygienie, Hystand and many special products like YW60.

In 2000 under the new ownership of Peter Cottee I took responsibility for managing assembly lines and later became instrumental in transferring production to Asia, visiting Taiwan, Vietnam and China several times a year.

We have 30 years experience working with some of the best known brands in the industry and supporting leading pest control companies. Many of these designs can be seen in leading supermarket chains, takeaways, coffee shops, airports, restaurants and many more places where the upmost hygiene standards are required.


Today Simon-8 Limited is a new Electric Fly Killer manufacturer with a local production facility in Lancashire. You may ask why we called our company Simon-8, well that is where my journey began in 1983 when I worked with some truly amazing people and made friends for life. The "-8" has it's significance from the first electric fly killers I assembled models: 10-8, 20-8 and 25-8, the "-8" was introduced to the model numbers because of it's prominence as a lucky number in Hong Kong and China.

For 25 years I proudly worked for Insect-O-Cutor and developed an affinity for the product, today as Simon-8 Limited we hope to provide even more great products and service, take a look at our modern new designs.

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