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About Simon-8

30 Years Design and Production Experience in the Electric Fly Killer Industry 

When we told friends we were starting this company they said why not Fly Killers are in your DNA. With a history that dates back to the 1980's, Stockport based Henry Simon Engineering is where the original Insect-O-Cutor was manufactured, and this is where our journey began under the leadership of Jack Rawsthorne (JR to his friends and colleagues). Immensely popular JR was the original Mr Insect-O-Cutor with a great passion for flying insect control solutions and providing the best customer experience, his passion for Insect-O-Cutor was infectious to everyone who worked for him. So now with our own affinity for Electric Fly Killers (Bug Zappers) and Electric Fly Traps (Glue Board Fly Killers) we aim to continue this spirit by developing innovative products that are highly effective, easy to use, safe, reliable, affordable and manufactured right here in the UK.

Simon-8 Limited is a family business who care about the customer experience, to this end we strive to be innovative, developing fantastic products and providing the best help and advice for all customer's requirements large or small.

Leanne Lees: Managing Director Simon-8 Limited

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