About Us

When I told a friend I was starting this company they said why not Fly Killers are in your DNA. Simon-8 is a new electric fly killer manufacturer with some unique designs inspired by the newest member of the Simon-8 family. Whilst Simon-8 is a new name in fly killing we are certainly not new to electric fly killers, we have 30 years experience working with some of the best known brands in the industry and supporting leading pest control companies. Many of these designs can be seen in leading supermarket chains, takeaways, coffee shops, airports, restaurants and many more places where the upmost hygiene standards are required. It was during a trip to the far east to visit manufacturing partners that Leanne and I met, now she has now been living in the UK for 16 years and we have one beautiful son. For a part of those 16 years I have been away from the industry and worked for some diverse companies from conveyor systems to quantum dots and worked for some world class manufacturers. It is the experience of the years away from the industry as much as the 30 years prior that we want to harness to help develop and grow our company whilst providing great products and service. Some of you may ask why we called our company Simon-8, well that is where my journey began in 1983 when I worked with some truly amazing people.

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