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Keep Insects Away With A Professional Fly Killer

When choosing a fly killer for your restaurant, the likelihood is you want it to be quiet, easy to clean and energy-efficient.

The last thing you want is to distract or put off your customers or staff. While few people are a fan of flies, they also don’t want to see them being killed.

As you’ll be aware, it’s crucial to keep flies out of catering businesses and food factories. You want to do everything possible to prevent them from overtaking your premises and causing issues with hygiene. Flies are not only irritating to customers but spread germs and bacteria.

Professional fly killers that are stylish and effective.

Our professional fly killers use glue boards, which are replaced roughly every 12 weeks. Since they use a UV light which is invisible to the human eye, they won’t detract from the interior design of your cafe or restaurant.

They also have a decorative and hygienic finish, with stainless steel exteriors that are easy to clean. Inside are shatter resistant lamps conform to the IEC61549 ‘Fragment Retention’ standard for areas where this is considered necessary, such as the food preparation process.

These expert fly killers are produced at modern manufacturing facilities with the finest possible materials.

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