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Need A High Quality Fly Killer For A Small Area?

Simon-8 has a great range of electric fly killers to prevent these types of pests from overtaking your premises.

Flies are particularly bad news for food because they spread germs so easily. Our fly killers work by attracting insects using a type of fluorescent lamp, which emits UV light. Although the UV light is invisible to the human eye, it helps to attract the flies, who get trapped on a blue board within the unit.

Flies are anathema to any catering or hospitality business. One of the biggest causes of contamination, these insects can spread a range of bacteria including salmonella, typhoid, cholera and parasitic worms. With an electric killer, you’ll have instant protection available.

Our fly eliminators are not only highly effective, but look stylish and attractive on the wall. We’re dedicated to providing complete satisfaction when buying this type of product.

Preparing for a busy summer at your hospitality business?

Simon-8 pride themselves on manufacturing excellence, with the use of industry leading initiatives like Lean Manufacturing, Sigma Six and Kaizen. We believe in continuous improvement and strive to offer you the latest and best technology.

Our devices include those suitable for small areas, whether it’s a kitchen, cafe or take-away. That includes the Cosmo 20 which is designed for use in smaller locations with an area of coverage up to 40M².

This electric fly killer is ideal for front-of-house locations since its discrete operation makes it blend in with surroundings. Customers aren’t likely to notice it’s even there. Like many of our fly killers, it’s suitable for wall mounting or free-standing installation.

If you’re looking for an electric fly killer for a smaller area, explore our latest models. Or simply contact our team for more information.

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